Lebanon’s continuing Saga…

We got back home on Saturday, May 19th. I decided to take the Sunday off to spend it with my husband Said, and continue blogging on the activities in Ramallah the day after.

I woke up the next day to the disturbing news from Lebanon. 23 Lebanese soldier were ambushed and killed by Fatah Al-Islam, an alquaeda cell who is trying to pose as a Palestinian faction.

It has nothing to do with Islam nor with Fatah movement. A bunch of Syrian, Saudi, Bangladeshi, Palestinian and Yemeni thugs trying to re-kindle a civil war in Lebanon. The fighting in Nahr-Al Bared Camp was followed by two big blasts in Ashrafieh-East Beirut, a mostly Christian area, and Verdun, West-Beirut that is mostly Sunni.

These sad events in Lebanon that followed the internal fighting in Gaza are a constant reminder to all of us Arabs of the relentless work that we need to be doing to help the region emerge to a more stable stage. Palestinian, Lebanese and Iraqis had enough of these volatile situations.

I will continue my narrative of the work in Ramallah in the upcoming blogs, to document the progress that the Palestinian groups are making towards an Integral solution.

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