Opportunity to Sponsor: Hi-Tech Training at Bethlehem University

Munir Bannoura, a Palestinian-American senior Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor Inc., (Formely part of Motorola), offered a 3 day training seminar to students who are about to graduate in computer science. “The students, young men and women were eager to learn the latest advances in hi-tech and they demonstrated knowledge and capability during these 3 days,” said Munir.

This training is part of a larger project that Munir is coordinating with Bethlehem University.

Through his company Munir has offered Bethlehem University a set of evaluation kits based on Freescale’s microcontrollers to provide professors the ability to develop hands-on lab experiments and teach students the cutting edge technology.

Munir and I met with the president of Bethlehem University, Father Daniel Casey, to discuss the potential of creating a Masters degree program in engineering, specifically dealing with semiconductor technology to prepare engineers that can be hired by foreign companies who are looking to outsource such jobs. Father Casey, being someone who understands the need for 21st century advances in Palestine, gave his unwavering support to the program and asked Munir to start the process with the Dean of the College of Computer Sciences.

This project is an integral part of the Build Palestine Initiative. It represents the kind of efforts that are conducive to building capacities in Palestinians to equip them to handle the challenges of the 21st century markets.

However, building capacities is not enough without providing young men and women with the appropriate jobs that will allow them to excell, as well as to make a decent living and increase their chances to be a vital part of the decision making process for the future of Palestine.

For sponsors who are interested in sponsoring the Masters Degree program or the business activities associated with this project, we will be posting details about it on our sponsorship page.

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