The First SDi Training in an Arab Country

The 3 day training Dr Beck and I offered in Ramallah to a group of highly competent professional Palestinians, was the first Spiral Dynamics integral-Level 1 training in the Arab world. The training was organized by Deema Al-Shawa who heads Palestine Integral Committee in Ramallah .

The 16 participants were asked to send in their Curriculum Vitae and were excited about the opportunity to learn the SDi methodologies and applications to the region, especially that Dr Beck used such methodologies to support the peaceful transition from Apartheid in South Africa. Palestinians consider Madiba-Nelson Mandela the role model for the Palestinian leadership, and wish that a Madiba type leader will emerge from their midst to lead Palestine and Israel out of this bloody conflict.

The participants backgrounds varied between graduate and Business administration students, a pharmacist, al Jazeera- International representative, Al Arabyia producer, Financial advisers, and Palestinians who head various local UN programs, a psychologist and engineers. They were fully engaged in intense sessions that covered the basis of the theory, interactive exercises and applications to the conflict.
Both Dr Beck and I were impressed by the level of intelligence and participation of the audience. The questions they asked showed a sincere interest in the application of the conceptual framework to support their own individual emergence, their organizations’ emergence and to the Emergence of the Palestinian in general.
May 12-13-14th were three days full of insights for all of us facilitators and trainees, as well as of Arab and Texan humour and loud laughs that created a wonderful experience for all.
The echo of the work of pioneering young Palestinians reverberated in the hearts and minds of Kuwaitis who believe in our work in Palestine and was well expressed by Fadwa Al-Homaizi, a leading Arab business woman from Kuwait, who said:
“hi Elza and Don, i want to thank you both for the incredible work you’re doing in Palestine. Your courage, passion, and efforts are recognized and admired. SDi is truly the foundation for change in the Middle East, and we are ready for it. It’s great to see such positive reactions, especially from the Palestinian Youth. Please tell them that I salute their initiative. By getting involved, Palestinian youth are role models for the whole of the Arab world.
It is truly inspiring.”

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