Fatah 21: A Crucial Plan at A Crucial Momement

Integral Plan to help Fatah lead the Palestinians towards a SuperOrdinate Vision …With president Abbas dissolving the Unity Government today.

…The Arab and International Community want to see Fatah lead the Palestinians towards a lasting peace

Never before has Fatah needed a comprehensive plan to effectively lead the Palestinians than NOW. Today President Mahmoud Abbas, used the power granted to the president under the Palestinian constitution, to dissolve the government of Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh and annouced Emergency Laws in the PNA Territories. President Abbas consulted with his Fatah Executive Committee yesterday and made this tipping point decision today.

“Fatah 21″

Since May 14th , Dr Beck and I have been working together with Fatah executive Committee members on a Integrally designed plan for the much needed transformation of Fatah Movement. Dr Beck said that they cannot afford to only pursue reform plans in the movement at this point-it has to Transform. the culture is fragmented with different loyalties and a lack of common goal and shared values. The Vision of Fatah 21, is a vision for Palestine and Palestinians not just for the members of Fatah.

We will introduce the Fatah 21 project at the UN on June 21st.

(click for more info on the United Nations presentation)

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