Palestinian Engineer Presents Ground-Breaking Proposals

At the Palestine 21 Nation-Building convention, many groups presented proposals on how to design the emerging state of Palestine. Each group chose a name and was represented by the leader of the group. Names varied from “Hope” to “Cradle of Peace” to “Optimism” to the names of Martyrs from Fatah.

Group #40 “The Promising future” was mainly formed from professional women from Salfit and Hebron. Engineer Nasra Zgheil presented ground-breaking proposals in the name of her group.

Here we translate the conclusions of group #40 which was made up of Palestinian women. This photo shows the group preparing their page for inclusion on the wall presentation:


  1. Economic: To create the grounds for Economic Stability through:
    • Job Creation (through projects, Industrial parks, strong institutions) that will provide opportunities for women, workers and graduates of universities
    • Opening International Markets
    • Supporting the agriculture and tourism sectors and developing the Palestinian rural region
  2. Culture:
    • Focus on programs that help the development of women, children and young people in all aspects (Healthcare, psychological and cultural)

  3. Education:
    • Focus on skill training and provide support for innovators
    • Free Public school system
    • Illiteracy projects
    • Enforce a system of Merit for the hiring process based on social justice

  4. Politics:
    • Put our Nation first not the political movement
    • Electing the right Leader
    • Independence in decision making away from outside influences
    • Transparency in managing public funds and NO nepotism

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