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Large Scale Psychology presentation at The Engaging The Other Conference in San Francisco

Dr. Beck and Elza Maalouf and I will be presenting at the Engaging the Other Conference in San Francisco . Sept 4-7, 2008

For the first time, Dr. Beck will reveal certain aspects of Large Scale Psychology, (the new branch of psychology that he is introducing to APA in 2009) in particular the recognition of the master codes that shape whole societies and how to impact large scale systems with integral design engineering principles, processes and strategies. As you all know, Dr. Beck is virtually the “pathfinder” of master codes in large scale systems with applications in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world societies. Further, he will roll out the Assimilation-Contrast Effect (ACE) that describes how the Us vs. Them polarization forms, thus producing the “face of the enemy” in the other. This is the critical process that creates serious conflicts between tribes, empires, ideologies (such as Shia and Sunni) and even between the “Red” and “Blue” states in this country. The entire package is part of the Large Scale Psychology templates, illustrates how to defuse the conflict, build over arching superordinate goals, and find ways to integrate common interests beyond the rigid and dangerous borders and boundaries. The concept has been field-tested within many societies where a dangerous civil war was the only apparent option. Beck worked with Professor Muzafer Sherif while at the University of Oklahoma and was a graduate assistant at the Institute for Group Relations that produced the autokinetic physical judgment study and the world famous Robber’s Cave experiment.

Elza Maalouf will present the major application of Large Scale Psychology that they designed and continue to apply in Palestine: including how they are uncovering the master code that shapes the Palestinian society, and will give concrete details about the processes and strategies they are following to impact change/emergence. This will be a case study in the Natural Design framework and the application of the ACE technology both within Israel and within Palestine and between Israel and Palestine (Intra-Conflict and Inter-Conflict), while creating a compelling future vision – of Israel/Palestine as the Hong Kong of the Middle East or the Dubai of the Levant— that will benefit all and anticipate the next moves in the dangerous dance between the Middle East and the West.

We would appreciate you posting this announcement on your blogs, and/or forwarding it to people who might want to attend. Topic and date are listed below.

“Psychology at the Large Scale: the Design and Transformation of Whole societies”
Sept 5, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

This presentation will feature Spiral Dynamics, a biopsychosocial and value system driven framework and illustrate its role in diagnosing and defusing “us -vs- them” polarity. It will identify eight different types or variations of worldviews, and will uncover the “DNA-like” Master Code that shapes cultural emergence, conflict, transitions, and transformation. It will describe the conditions for large scale societal change which will guide decision-makers to know what to do, when, in what manner, with which resources. Finally, It will address the critical issues with regard to nation-states, large cultural and global movements with a focus on a major Nation Building design and application in Palestine.

Don Edward Beck, PhD., Elza Maalouf, JD. (Lecture, Experiential, Discussion)


Sept 5, 7:00 – 8:45 pm

“The Development of Identity: Our Personal and Historical Relationship with The Other”

– What is the role of The Other in the process of establishing our personal and communal identities, and belief systems related to these?

– How can this role take on negative characteristics, and how can it be transformed from negative to positive?

Maureen O’Hara, PhD, Don Edward Beck, PhD, Sal Nunez, JD, Michael Nagler, PhD

Moderaters: Aftab Omer, PhD, and Steve Olweean, MA