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SDi Training for Palestinian Women

SDi Training for Palestinian Women from Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah,Bethlehem, Tulkarm, Khalil Jan 25-26, 2008

Dr. Don Beck and Elza Maalouf, CEO of the Center for Human Emergence – Middle East presented a 2-day Spiral Dynamics Integral training for Palestinian women January 25 and 26, 2008. Participant came from Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Tulkarm, Khalil and many other areas of the West Bank. They were all taking part in what is now becoming known as The Future Movement of Palestine 21.

The group was invited by Dr. Nehma Assad, a gynecologist from Bethlehem who introduced the training as a ‘true’ empowerment for women’s roles and capacities in the Palestinian society. The attendees were educators, students, directors of NGOs and mothers who are working on the development of their communities in Palestine.

After learning the colors/codes of the Spiral, the participants used the memetic language to explain how organizations like USAID, UN or EU NGOs who operate from the orange/Green value-systems try to impose unrealistic conditions on programs they fund in Palestine, that do not fit the culture or the value-systems in their communities. Butheina who is leading a local organization said, “We are tired of them pushing their women empowerment training on us without providing opportunities to create sustainable jobs and solid careers. The abstract concepts are fine, but they are not helping us create businesses, or helping our children learn computer skills. They force us to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on restaurants, hotels and seminars and refuse to give us part of the money to build a small center to train women and children on how to use the computer!”

Two young girls who hold degrees in education and computer science have been looking for a job for the last 7 months to no avail. They just want to work and make a living… Not learn about Democracy and Governance in seminars while not having a job or a place to exercise ‘Governance’. (Most seminars offered by Western organizations focus on Democracy, Governance and Empowerment of Women….) .

From Syria To Singapore: Our Center’s Activities for July

Dr. Beck and I had a busy schedule in July. While Dr Beck’s presentations and meetings in many countries had a wider scope and focus on Global Change ” From Clash to Confluence of Civilizations,” with an emphasis on the most pressing issue of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the model we are co-designing with our Palestinian partners for Build Palestine Initiative. My presentations and meetings focused on the Emergence of Arab women and their vital role in solving Middle East problems, as well as the role of the affluent Arab community in London, and a starting project with the European Union in Syria.

Dr. Beck’s Presentations/Meetings:

July 9th in Aspen, Colorado: “Beliefs, Cultures and Values:How Spiral Dynamics Transforms Conflict and Finds Innovative Solutions in a Split World.” Dr Beck presented to a well informed crowd after attending the Festival of Ideas at the Aspen Institute. He was invited back to Aspen and to speak at the Aspen Institute’s Festival of Ideas next year. The integral group in Aspen set up brief meetings for Dr. Beck with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and many US leaders and world renowned philanthropists. They all showed great interest in the work we are doing in Palestine and in the fresh approach that the Spiral Dynamics’ framework can offer to solving the Middle East conundrum.

July 15th in Toronto, Canada: “Spiral Dynamics integral Application to Global Organizations.” Dr Beck met with business leaders in Toronto after the workshop and discussed with them Social Entrepreneurship. They expressed their genuine interest in supporting our Middle East initiatives.

July 17th in Singapore: Dr. Beck was invited by top leaders in the Government of Singapore to present his model and help with the design of an integral center to study the Singapore culture.

July 29-31 st in Minneapolis-Annual World Future Society Conference. “A Spiral Dynamics Perspective on Global Integration and Human Emergence.”

August 1st Ashland-Oregon, with Dr Jean Houston: Social Artistry Summer Leadership Institute

Elza Maalouf’s Presentations/Meetings:

July 14th, Dallas: Third International Women Peace Conference: Empowering Peacemakers.

Emergence of Arab Women in the Age of Fragmentation” In this international conference many Nobel Peace Laureates spoke about active peacemaking. Our presentation was attended by women from various backgrounds and cultures: Leaders from the Muslim communities in the US, from Africa, from different countries in the Middle East and peacemakers from all over the world. Dr. Hind Jarah, president of Texas Muslim Women Foundation, gave us the most touching feedback saying “Thank you. You spoke about us with dignity and a rare clarity that was missed in this conference. Most speakers tiptoed around the subject of Islam and the Arab world, but did not address it.” She added that that Spiral Dynamics integral gave a framework that respects the sensitivities in cultures while addressing the deeper issues beneath the surface beyond the “us and them” polarization. While many American women were well informed about Islam and the Arab world, and agreed that the issues the Middle East and the West are facing are not about religion, or ethnicity; some in the audience asked basic questions about why Muslim and Arab women wear the hijab. My answer to them was that ” we come in all shapes and dress in all kinds of garments. What matters is our value-systems and what we can offer to our culture and to the world.” And I had to repeat what a friend from the United Arab Emirates told me to convey to the West, saying “This is not a hijab over our Brain, it is just what we wear. We are educators, business women, doctors and mothers trying our best to provide a better world for our children.”

July 17-23rd London: Meetings with Leaders from the Arab Community in London where I presented the application of the SDi framework in Palestine and in Kuwait. They were all fascinated by this ‘fresh approach’ and wanted to know more about the theory and its application. More meetings and a fundraiser for our projects in the Middle East are scheduled for October as well as a presentation at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies).

July 23-27th Bosra-Syria : a Partnership with the EU on a project in Bosra-Syria. The EU is sponsoring sustainability and development projects of many municipalities in Syria. The representative of the Municipalities of Rome and Belgium asked me to co-lead with them training and town meetings to further their projects with their Syrian partners in the city of Bosra. A more detailed account of the project and an assessment of the value-systems in Syria will be posted soon on the MeshWORKS in Syria page.

July 28th Kuwait: Integral Leadership and Application of Spiral Dynamics integral in Business.

July 29th London: Meeting with Young Arab Leaders to plan and fund a 10 day SDi and Natural Design training for young leaders from Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.

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United Nations Presentation Met With Great Success…

Dr Beck Designs A United Nations Global Action Plan for Human Emergence & Elza Maalouf presents a Model for Palestine 21

On June 21st, 2007, Dr. Beck and I spoke at the Values-Caucus at the United Nations to a standing room only conference hall. Representatives of various Arab, African and Western missions, NGOs and UN agencies employees, nodded their heads in agreement with the emphasis that we put on the deeper reasons for conflict and poverty, and the deeper value-systems codes that produce such “us” vs. “them” polarities. Rather than the surface manifestation of clash between religions, ethnicity, races and nationalities, we showed how the integral framework examines the deeper cultural forces and tracks dynamic perceptual processes that detect deep underlying mindsets and motives.

Dr. Beck revealed–for the first time–his integral design strategy to support the UN’s Global work, offering a Five Fold Strategy that can systematically further the UN’s role in the emergence of cultures and nations in the world. With more than 30 years of scientific research and field testing his framework on all five continents to deflate conflicts and support development, Dr. Beck uncovered, what he calls, the master code that has the complexity to manage in a polylateral environment. The UN being one of the major bodies in the world, now, that needs to further its involvement in culturally complex environments to become a strong catalyst for change. Dr. Beck explained in his presentation that “the Master code has to accommodate bands, clans, tribes, empires, nations-cultures, enterprises, geo-tribes, and a host of other value-systems and memetic priorities. Likewise, it simply must mesh in the new knowledge on change and transformation that is seriously lacking in all other developmental models.”

A brief outline of The Five Fold Strategy for the United Nations Global Emergence Plan:

Strategy 1- Uncover the models and processes for Global emergence through steps, stages, waves and sequence of development
Strategy 2-Create the measuring monitoring research technology to detect the global vMemetic contours and early warning signs of danger
Strategy 3- Construct scaffolding of solutions that address the needs, wants and aspirations of people in different vMemetic zones
Strategy 4- Onto this vast amount of data, overlay an understanding of the dynamics of change in its many dimensions
Strategy 5- Design a macro-strategy for introducing superordinate goals into leadership structures and decision-making domains around the planet

After Dr. Beck presented his comprehensive, large-scale design, we proceeded to show how we are practically applying this design to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For the last 2 years we have been working with Palestinians especially, to construct a scaffolding of solutions that are tailored to the various value-systems in Palestinian culture. We are working with leaders from different sectors of Palestinian society, especially young men and women who have demonstrated a great ability to lead change. We are designing the vision for Fatah 21, or 21st century Fatah, with leaders from the Third Generation of Fatah. A vision that will not only unite Fatah around shared values and goals, but also unite the Palestinian people around the most important superordinate goal- a successful Palestinian State. From Fatah 21 to Palestine 21 …

Frances Edwards, a board member of the Values-Caucus at the UN, who coordinated this presentation with United Nations personnel, is now following up with many ambassadors, missions and NGOs who showed interest in the approach, including the Syrian ambassador and the Netherlands, Kuwaiti and Peruvian missions. Frances’ unwavering support and active involvement with our work is a testimony to the UN’s openness to fresh approaches towards resolving world problems. The Values-Caucus at the UN, established in 1994 and under the leadership of Carl Murell, introduced to all bodies of the UN the distinctive need for stratified solutions based on value-systems in cultures, instead of the one-solution fits all models.

The next steps for our work with the United Nations will include major trainings on the Spiral Dynamics integral model and application as well as presentations to different boards, commissions, and councils on specific solution-design to enable confluence and emergence.

The First SDi Training in an Arab Country

The 3 day training Dr Beck and I offered in Ramallah to a group of highly competent professional Palestinians, was the first Spiral Dynamics integral-Level 1 training in the Arab world. The training was organized by Deema Al-Shawa who heads Palestine Integral Committee in Ramallah .

The 16 participants were asked to send in their Curriculum Vitae and were excited about the opportunity to learn the SDi methodologies and applications to the region, especially that Dr Beck used such methodologies to support the peaceful transition from Apartheid in South Africa. Palestinians consider Madiba-Nelson Mandela the role model for the Palestinian leadership, and wish that a Madiba type leader will emerge from their midst to lead Palestine and Israel out of this bloody conflict.

The participants backgrounds varied between graduate and Business administration students, a pharmacist, al Jazeera- International representative, Al Arabyia producer, Financial advisers, and Palestinians who head various local UN programs, a psychologist and engineers. They were fully engaged in intense sessions that covered the basis of the theory, interactive exercises and applications to the conflict.
Both Dr Beck and I were impressed by the level of intelligence and participation of the audience. The questions they asked showed a sincere interest in the application of the conceptual framework to support their own individual emergence, their organizations’ emergence and to the Emergence of the Palestinian in general.
May 12-13-14th were three days full of insights for all of us facilitators and trainees, as well as of Arab and Texan humour and loud laughs that created a wonderful experience for all.
The echo of the work of pioneering young Palestinians reverberated in the hearts and minds of Kuwaitis who believe in our work in Palestine and was well expressed by Fadwa Al-Homaizi, a leading Arab business woman from Kuwait, who said:
“hi Elza and Don, i want to thank you both for the incredible work you’re doing in Palestine. Your courage, passion, and efforts are recognized and admired. SDi is truly the foundation for change in the Middle East, and we are ready for it. It’s great to see such positive reactions, especially from the Palestinian Youth. Please tell them that I salute their initiative. By getting involved, Palestinian youth are role models for the whole of the Arab world.
It is truly inspiring.”